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Rapid growth with new opportunities sparked by UC Merced.

  • GDP: $9.530 billion 

  • GDP growth rate: 1.0%

  • Industry Employment: 46% Service Providing, 14% Goods Producing

  • Total sales tax revenue in 2019: $12.6 million


Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets are prepared independently to provide a quick, up-to-date overview of Merced's economy. 

Economic Snapshots were developed independently; figures may differ slightly from website data due to variation in sources and time periods.

Economic Overview

2019 Q14 (PDF)

GDP Snapshot

2019 (PDF)

Employment Snapshot
2019 Q4 (PDF)

Housing Snapshot

2019 Q4 (PDF)

TOT Snapshot

2019 Q4 (PDF)

Sales Tax Snapshot
2019 Q4 (PDF)