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Economic Indicators

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Rapid growth with new opportunities sparked by UC Merced.

  • GDP: $9.530 billion 

  • GDP growth rate: 1.0%

  • Industry Employment: 46% Service Providing, 14% Goods Producing

  • Total sales tax revenue in 2019: $12.6 million

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Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets are prepared independently to provide a quick, up-to-date overview of Merced's economy. 

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Economic Snapshots were developed independently; figures may differ slightly from website data due to variation in sources and time periods.

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Economic Overview

2019 Q14 (PDF)

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GDP Snapshot

2019 (PDF)

Employment Snapshot
2019 Q4 (PDF)

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thumbnail - demographic snapshot
thumbnail - housing

Housing Snapshot

2019 Q4 (PDF)

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thumnail - sales tax

TOT Snapshot

2019 Q4 (PDF)

Sales Tax Snapshot
2019 Q4 (PDF)


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