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Rapid growth and new opportunities sparked by UC Merced.

From competing successfully for California’s 10th UC campus to widespread infrastructure investment, the City of Merced is an active partner with business. Coupled with that spirit of cooperation, we offer the basic assets necessary to run a company: affordability, a strategic California location, and a productive labor force. 

contact economic development staff at 209-385-6827

Rapid Growth

Merced is a rapidly growing city that has traditionally relied on its agricultural base, combined with light industry and a role as the regional center for trade and services. Merced's population is very diverse and one of the youngest in the nation.

New Opportunities

UC Merced's presence in the community introduces significant economic opportunity for Merced, as well as the possibility of profound community change. Merced is well prepared for this change with community planning and infrastructure systems.

Demonstrated Service

The City of Merced team is dedicated to assuring that all incoming business and expansion projects are turned around in a timely manner. Permits have been turned around in as little as 1 week.

Employment by Sector (County)

Source:  EDD, Larbor Market Information Division, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) Major Industry Level, 3nd Quarter 2019 (April 2020)

Major Manufacturers

Source:  City of Merced Economic Development Dept. ( (April 2020).

Major Non-Manufacturers

Source:  City of Merced Economic Development Dept. ( (April 2020).