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Your Contacts for Site Location & Expansion

Frank Quintero

Deputy City 

(800) 723-4788

Sierra Omlin

Economic Development Associate

(209) 385-6970


Economic Development Services

The Office of Economic Development serves as a clearinghouse for information and development opportunities in Merced. Our staff is experienced with clients from Fortune 500 firms to independent start-ups and is capable of servicing any industrial, retail or office user.

Location and Development Assistance 

For assistance with site selection or development process, please contact the Office of Economic Development at (800) 723-4788. We will bring together experts from the Development Services department, as well as the utilities and educational entities, to assist you as you consider options to expand, start or relocate your business in Merced. 


A lead staff person is dedicated to ensuring prompt, immediate responses to all of your queries.


Once you decide to invest in Merced, the lead staff will serve as the liaison between you and all City departments, ensuring a smooth development process.


Behind the scenes, we strive to ensure that Merced will enhance, not impede, opportunities for business success. We do so by coordinating with City, regional, and state offices to promote improvements to infrastructure and streamline the permitting process.


Business Licenses

City of Merced Finance Dept.

(209) 385-6846

One-Stop Permitting

Office of Economic Development can assist your location project.

(800) 723-4788

For other questions, contact

Planning & Permitting Division

(209) 385-6858 ​

Zoning Map

City of Merced Planning Division

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