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Public Safety

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Police and fire protection. Merced's record of public safety is similar to surrounding communities. Our police and fire departments have assigned officers and resources to targeted needs within the community. 

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Crime Rate Comparison

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reporting, Crime Data Explorer, 2020 (March 2022).


Police Force

City of Merced Police Department

(209) 385-6913

Stations: 1

Substations: 1

Officers/10,000 residents: 10.7

Special Units & Programs:

  • Disruptive Area Response Team (DART)

  • Gang Violence Suppression Unit (GVSU)

  • School Resource Officers

  • Color Guard

  • Bomb Unit

  • Canine Unit

  • Critical Response Unit (CRU)

  • Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)

  • Small Unmanned Aerial System/Drone

  • Crime Scene Response Team (CSRT)

Merced County Sheriff's Office

(209) 385-7444

Stations: 1

Substations: 1

Officers/10,000 residents: 4.9

Special Units & Programs:

  • Dive Team

  • K-9 Unit

  • Special Emergency Response Team (SERT)

  • Aviation Unit

  • Motors Unit

  • Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)

  • Search and Rescue

Fire Protection

City of Merced Fire Department

(209) 385-6891 

Stations: 5

Special Units & Programs:

  • Aircraft Rescue Firefighting

  • HazMat / Decontamination

  • Fire Investigation

  • Fire Prevention/Protection

  • Fireworks Permitting

  • Hazardous Materials Response

  • Medical Services/Paramedics

  • Public Education

  • Swift Water Rescue

  • Technical Rescue

ISO* Rating: 2

*Insurance Rating - ISO (Insurance Services Office) determines the ISO ratings and that information is purchased (by subscription) by insurance offices. Your insurance agent should have current information and provide you with the ISO rating for your particular address.

Merced County Fire Department

(209) 385-7336

Stations: 20

Special Units & Programs:

  • Emergency Medical/Rescue Response

  • Emergency Services Management

  • Disaster Planning & Management

  • Fire Prevention

  • Fire Protection

  • Hazardous Material Emergency Response

  • First Aide & CPR  

  • Flood Control Assistance  

  • Blood Pressure Measurement

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City Services


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