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Why Merced?


Because actions speak louder than words. From successfully recruiting the newest California university to investing millions in infrastructure, this Central California city has its eye on the future. 
Distance map: Merced to target markets


San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Sacramento are roughly 2 hours from Merced. Much of the West Coast is within a 1-day drive. 

Science lab

UC Merced

Our rapidly expanding research university is spurring new investment in bioscience, healthcare, and engineering.

factory sorting tomatoes


Manufacturers, food processors, packagers, and suppliers appreciate our hard-working labor force and City support.

Downtown Merced


UC Merced's new Downtown Center and renovation of several historic buildings is driving a fresh wave of activity. 

High speed rail

High Speed Rail

Completion of California's High Speed Railway will accelerate collaboration between Silicon Valley and Merced businesses. 

construction site

Real Estate

Three location-ready industrial parks offer large sites, infrastructure, highway 99 and rail access. 

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