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UC Merced

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Opened: 2005

Highest Degree: PhD

Enrollment 2020-21: 9,093

Known For: Hands-on research opportunities for undergraduates; 100% LEED certified buildings

uc merced campus with sculpture

Fostering Innovation

Research & Development 

Drones that survey the landscape to assess plant growth and stress, robotic sprayers adapted to agriculture, a solar coating inspired by the behavior of a glass of wine — these are examples of UC Merced's interdisciplinary approach to research and new technologies. 

New & Improved

The newest in California's world-renowned system of research institutions, UC Merced is rapidly rising in national rankings. Undergraduates have greater opportunities for hands-on research with professor-mentors that value interactions and fresh ideas.

Growth & Investment

Like the Central Valley itself, UC Merced is experiencing a growth spurt, including an expanded graduate program, plans for two new schools, and the recently completed Downtown Merced facility. The result? New opportunities for business partnerships and a highly qualified labor pool at your front step.



  • Engineering

  • Natural Sciences

  • Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts


Future Schools (Planned)

  • E&J Gallo School of Management

  • School of Medicine

Graduates by Selected Major

Source: UC Merced Institutional Research & Decision Support, "Degrees Awarded by Major" (March 2022).

Science and Health

The School of Natural Sciences comprises 25% of UC Merced's undergraduate enrollment. Research at the university focuses on practical applications in biology, chemistry, physics, environmental sciences, and applied mathematics. Undergraduate students participate in hands-on research and the doctoral program is growing. Health science is already a part of the research mix at UC Merced, and a School of Medicine is slated to accept students beginning in 2023.

  • Animal Research  

  • Environmental Analytical Laboratory 

  • Imaging and Microscopy Facility 

  • Natural Reserve System 

  • Stable Isotope Ecosystem

  • Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 


Research at the School of Engineering encompasses climate change, agtech, artificial intelligence, oil spills, big data, ocean deoxygenation, data drones, nanomaterials, bioengineering, and solar power. Engineering accounts for 27% of UC Merced's undergraduates, with majors in bioengineering, computer science, environmental engineering, materials science, and mechanical engineering.

Business Alliances

UC Merced Office of Business Development takes the guesswork out of partnering with the university. They can facilitate access to research and new technologies. UC Merced Venture Lab, under the umbrella of Business Development, offers incubator sites, mentoring,  and startup funding opportunities. If your primary need is talent, the Center for Career and Professional Advancement provides several ways for your business to connect with students and alumni.

Conference rooms, Downtown Center.
(Couresty of UC Merced)

interior uc merced venture lab

Downtown Campus Center

UC Merced’s Downtown Campus Center is a physical testament to the university’s commitment to strong partnerships with the Merced business community. One goal is to encourage collaboration with community partners, businesses, and local entrepreneurs. UC Merced’s Venture Lab is among the many non-academic departments housed at the new center.


Downtown Center. (Couresty of UC Merced)

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