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North Merced

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  • High-growth residential area with mall, national brand retailers, and large medical center.

  • Good fits include medical/professional offices, national chains, neighborhood and regional retail

North Merced

North Merced (north of Bear Creek) is in the predominant path of residential growth of the community, with the greatest number of new subdivision and housing developments. North Merced has been developed since the 1970s and contains major shopping and office streets (Olive, G, M, and R).


Merced Mall & Vicinity: Located on Olive between M and R, the Merced Mall has over 500,000 square feet and is the only enclosed shopping mall in the region. In the mall’s vicinity are many well-known national chains and three large grocery centers. A large scale expansion of the mall is in the works to accommodate UC Merced growth.

The Promenade: Located at the northwest corner of Yosemite and Paulson, the Promenade has  a great assortment of retail stores and specialty shops, indoor and open-air eateries, a day spa, and medical offices. The Promenade may be considered a lifestyle center, where residents can spend a couple of hours browsing and then have an evening dinner without ever leaving the parking lot.

Hospital: Mercy Medical Center, opened in 2010, is 7-story hospital with 186 beds in spacious, mostly private rooms. A total of 1,200 employees staff the hospital with 230 physicians on hand.

Housing: North Merced holds a majority of the city's new housing stock. Home prices are very affordable in comparison to other California communities.

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